Hardanger is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Norway. Two national parks, two national tourist routes, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers await you.


For decades Hardanger has been one of the most important tourist destinations in Norway. The attractions that drew visitors to Hardanger more than 100 years ago are the same attractions that draw tourists today; the fjords, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls. In 1904, Odda was Norway’s most important cruise port, with 88 ships docking in the harbour. The oldest hotels in Hardanger date from the 1700s and at Utne Hotel, which dates from 1722, you can really sense its long history.

Wild adventures

You can take a range of walks and hikes in Hardanger. The most famous is to Trolltunga (the Troll’s tongue), duration 10-12 hours. Perhaps the most beautiful walk is from Kinsarvik and up Husedalen valley, which has four waterfalls. For those wanting other challenges there are glaciers to explore, kayaking, Via Ferrata routes and great cycling routes.

Culture and tradition

There are many museums and visitor centres in Hardanger. The most visited is the Hardangervidda Nature Centre in Eidfjord – a great place for the whole family. At the Agatunet farm estate you can get an insight into how people have lived in Hardanger through the ages.

Food and drink

Hardanger is Norway’s orchard. On the fruit and cider route in Ulvik you can visit three fruit farms, taste the juice and cider and see and learn about its production and history. There are many farm shops in Hardanger, selling local specialties.